Week of a Tour Guide: Episode 1

Each Thursday this month, I’ll be talking about the places I’ve been exploring, along with the hidden gems I’ve found and even a blog post on a European city ?

So let’s start with this week’s episode: Life of a Tour Guide…

What better way to kick start the week with a night in San Sebastian, Spain. I spent the evening experimenting my taste buds in a range of unique pinchos. Pinchos (correctly spelt pintxos), is a small yet high quality gourmet food, which is pierced with a cocktail stick and served on top of a slice of crusty bread. It is essentially Basque for tapas, with popular options like tortilla, stuffed peppers with tuna, or something a little more unique like squid cooked in rose water.

Hidden Gem in San Sebastian = Bar Zeruko: The pintxos here are elaborate works of art. Amazingly innovative creations are beautifully presented in an overwhelming display that covers the bar – it’s a feast for the senses.


After a charming evening wandering the many pinchos bars of San Sebastian, I then spent a very long day to Paris (13 hours – yikes). Upon arrival, a bunch of us went for a picnic along the canal and ate baguettes with cheese…Very French.

My favourite Neighbourhood to explore in Paris – Montmartre: Quintessentially Paris, as it oozes a vintage yet bohemian edge with its cobbled streets and café culture.


I continued up on my journey into Belgium and onto The Netherlands, ready for Amsterdam. I made it my mission to explore a new side of the city, Amsterdam Noord, which is super edgy and makes a great destination for a hipsters hangout. CLICK HERE to see more about what I found.


To finish off the week, I’ve had a brief encounter with Germany and The Czech Republic, before reaching Vienna, Austria. First of all I made it my mission to find a quirky cafe a friend had mentioned during my travels in Sri Lanka earlier this year. As she was from the coffee capital of Europe, we got talking about great coffee and where to find it. She suggested Vollpension for ‘the best cakes and brunch in Vienna’, which is no ordinary cake shop…the treats are baked by Grandmas! The young Viennese have come up with a cool concept to help the elderly maintain their stamp within the community. It also helps grandmas and grandpas continue working and socialising. So perch up on a sofa and you’ll feel right at home with its vintage setting.


Next… I’m off to Eastern Europe and re-visiting my favourite city Budapest for SZIGET FESTIVAL! Stay tuned for next week’s post 🙂

Unjaded me x


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