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Ridin’ Solo: The Free Spirit

Inspiring females globally to take the plunge and travel solo!

Thinking of tackling the world on your lonesome? Worried something bad might happen? Anxious? We’re told that the world is a dangerous place, so how do you overcome your fears? Ridin’ Solo is a platform for inspiration, sharing, caring and learning to take that plunge. Many people travel alone and end up fine, here is the proof! I’ve been interviewing across the globe on experiences of those who have travelled solo, exploring the depths of the lows, learning curves along the way and top nomadic tips.

Upon my first solo trip to Central America, I met a beautiful soul who taught me how to be brave, savvy and free. I started my adventure as a worrier. I was fearful of everything and needed a confidence boost to open myself up to opportunity. What if I fail at this travelling malarkey? Katie taught me that failing is all part of the process and learning how to pick yourself back up is part of the fun. She bounced into my life and enabled me to embrace freedom and forget my fears. I hope her words encourage you to do the same.


“My values are, be kind to everyone around you and always follow what makes your soul happy” 

Katie’s Story 

I come from two different cultural backgrounds, raised by a Peruvian mother and American father, so I’ve always been able to see two completely different sides to life. My father was a travelled man who’d talk about his adventures and show me South America. My mom on the other hand is a bit more of a homebody who says yes to any opportunity thrown at you.

I didn’t grow up like most children, my family owned a bar in Peru which was also our home. I was constantly surrounded by people that travelled the world and shared their stories and from a young age the idea of travel and having these experiences was engrained upon me.

Current Location: just back from Bali, now in Australia

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R A W R ?

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Tell us about your first solo adventure…

I won a free trip to Nicaragua and figured…why the hell not!? What could I lose? It was a combination of things that made me want to travel solo; the idea of visiting something fresh, meeting new people with the similar mindsets, enjoying different foods, photograph a change of landscape and the hurdles I’d overcome.

Did you run into any troubles?

The first hurdle was being afraid. Every female solo traveller is afraid of the unknown. Yet we’re curious at the wonders of how woman is persevered in a different country or culture. I overcame my fear by jumping into a taxi on my own and even if I didn’t feel it, always show my confidence. Nothing bad happened, therefore my confidence grew and I realised ultimately, when I made sensible and rational decisions, the destinations are just as safe as home.

“Confidence is key!”

Katie’s advice to those wanting to take the plunge

Fake it until you make it! If you’re scared, then that’s fine, but try not to show it. Pretend you know what you’re doing and this will lead you into not getting ripped off by taxi drivers and avoid sticky situations. By the end of your trip, you’ll have grown a whole new set of skills that will last you a lifetime.

The Soul of Travel

It’s incredibly important to understand and embrace different ways of life and be accepting and open to the cultural backgrounds and differences of others around you. In addition to this, I also think that it’s important to learn to not only be accepting of others but accepting yourself. We should all take the time to learn what makes us happy as individuals and do whatever it is that we love, whether it’s surfing, writing, art or something else! The key is to follow what you yourself believe in and everything tends to fall in place.

Feel like you can take the plunge?

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