Best of The Amalfi Coast

The South of Italy is uncontrollably every Italian stereotype you picture in the movies. The Southerners cruise along with their ‘dolce vita’ motto, which is a life of heedless pleasure and luxury. Frequent siestas, relaxed opening hours and buses not turning up on time, means you have to go with the flow. But have no fear! Join in the pace, chill out and enjoy the best spots within the Amalfi Coast.


A bitterly sweet romantic city, where the lemons are on steroids and the sour zest fills cobbled streets. Make sure you taste the city by weaving in and out of alleyways, grabbing free samples of Limoncello filled biscuits and chocolates. Raki is the place to go for good quality gelato; Every scoop offers natural ingredients, plus a variety of unique flavours, like vanilla ginger. The ice-cream is kept under the counter in silver tins, which helps preserve the consistency of fresh gelato and temperature. After gorging on the Sorrento’s best, wander down to Park Villa Comunale for a gorgeous lookout over the public beach and rocky facades.


The Mediterranean island of Capri is one of the most picturesque and popular destinations in Campania, and with good reason! It boasts not one, but two gorgeous towns: Capri and Anacapri. But first, head over to the stunning Blue Grotto (grotto Azzurra), the sun shines through a 1mm gap that bounces off the limestone rock to create an immense shade of blue. Swimming is forbidden, although you can tip your guide 5 euros to ‘fall’ in. After a refreshing dip, make your way to the soaring heights of Mount Solero, which is the highest point of Capri. From Anacapri you can take a scenic chair lift and have the island at your feet (11 euro). From here, Capri is a short bus ride away (2 euro), explore it’s artisan shops and wander down to either of it’s dazzling beaches (by Marina Piccola or Marina Grande).


Did you know that pizza discs were found in the Pompeii excavation? Which proves that Pompeii is literally the birth place of the famous Italian dish, as it dates back all the way to the Roman era. The ancient city was famously ruined in 79 A.D. when mighty Mount Vesuvius blew its top. Today, few visitors make it to the craters edge, but those who do, enjoy a spectacular view. Mount Vesuvius is currently taking a geological nap, as its recorded to erupt at any moment, the last time being in 1944. Take a guided tour around this historical sight, it gives us an incredible insight into Roman life.


Driving along the cliff edge of Positano, you’ll need to blast Gwen Stefani ‘If I was a rich girl…Na, na, na, na, na, na, na’. Because this charming petite town may be small, but punches a large dent in your wallet. Splash out on a fancy boutique hotel with panoramic views over the beach, admiring the pastel shaded colours of the Mediterranean houses. Or opt to cruise past, take a photo from above and enjoy the coast landscape to Amalfi.


The Amalfi Coast drive is known as ‘the road of 1,000 bends’, due to its curvaceous twists that scale the cliff face. The roads pass olive groves, lemon terraces and tumbling whitewashed villages, plus a fare few luxurious villas. Amalfi town itself is small yet charming, and makes a great excuse for shopping! From Amalfi paper (used by the pope), Amalfi perfume, roman sandals and pom-pom sewn blouses. You’ll need an extra suitcase to bring back all the goods!


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