24 hours in Nice

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. “You’re crazy”, is the words I keep hearing from my colleagues. Long distance relationships are tough, but having a supportive partner who understands the nature of your job is something I truly value. The challenge is not just being away from a loved one or one, but also saving money, and we make a huge effort to see each other when possible, which takes a chunk out of the wages! The money is totally worth it, even if it’s for a short time. We’re an adventurous couple and enjoy living life on the road, even more when it’s together. In Nice we planned to spend the day doing all our favourite things: Go for brunch, relax on the beach, enjoy a romantic dinner and being disgustingly in love. We were successful in our exploring and still had plenty of time for smooching!


Workhouse Café

The best way to start the day is to be fuelled up with a good breakfast or brunch. Workhouse café is in a good starting position, as it’s located right by the old town. It’s purpose is to create a comfortable work space for the locals, with extra rooms upstairs for meetings. But for the tourists, we can choose from scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, or my personal favourite, the pancakes loaded with sweet red berry compote.



Cours Saleya Market

Grab a picnic lunch from Cours Saleya fruit and flower market, which is at the heart of the Old Town and always pulsating with life. Join locals between the hours of 7.00-13.00 (except Mondays), purchasing their strawberries and pretty sunflowers. After, wander through the charming maze of alleyways and shops of the old town. Or take your picnic to the Chateau de Colline, for sweeping views of the city. It’s a bit of a hike, or opt to take the free elevator up.



The Blue Chairs

Back in the 50’s, these chairs were wooden, white, and spread along the promenade. They were mostly used by families and elderly people as a place to relax. Today this spot makes a great photo opportunity and a place to rest those wandering legs; relax and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea.



Promenade Des Anglais

Stretching 7km along the coastline of the Mediterranean sea, is the most famous seafront in Nice. Promenade Des Anglias was commissioned by English expats, who loved themselves a seaside getaway in the French Riviera. Admire the locals whizzing past on rollerblades, whilst you squish your bones and towel between the pebbles. Alternatively you can hire a sunbed for €15-25.



Russian Orthodox Church

One of the most impressive structures in Nice, given built as a gift by Tsar Nicholas II, due to the cities ever growing Russian community. It seems out of place, as it’s the largest Russian orthodox place of worship outside of it’s own country. None the less, it’s magnificent and well worth a visit. It’s free to go inside, but the outside décor is where the beauty is.


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